by Roger Schmid, Dr. Sanjay K. Gupta

Book Cover: Disaster Risk Reduction in WASH
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Disaster Risk Reduction in WASH


"Towards Resilience and Adaptive Management in the Water Sector"

Briefing Note of the 31st AGUASAN Workshop (June 22 - 26, 2015)
Based on thematic inputs, topic-specific cases and the broad expertise gathered by the 47 participants, the 5-day cumulative knowledge generation process prepared the practitioners community to respond effectively to the post-2015 interlinked water and DRR challenges. The participants shared experiences and developped entry points regarding the workshop topic, and left the event with practical measures to apply back home as well as with a strengthened professional network across the different communities. The present briefing note provides the main results of the event, having culminated in a series of findings as well as in a set of key recommendations.

Published: 30. June 2015

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