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Northern Agriculture and Forestry Training College

The development goal is to build up the NAFC, as a centre of excellence, acknowledged by public and private partners in sustainable upland farming systems in the northern provinces of Laos. The project objective is: the NAFC offers an attractive study and working environment for students and teachers (taking into account gender and ethnic groups).

8. February 2017

Rehabilitation of earthquake affected schools

A destructive earthquake of magnitude 7.8 struck Nepal on 25 April 2015. Caritas Switzerland is rehabilitating 34 schools in 6 VDCs in Sindhupalchok district, Nepal, to provide students and teachers with earthquake-safe and child- and teacher-friendly learning environments.

30. January 2017

The PROECCO Programme (Promoting Climate Responsive Building Material Production and Off-farm Employment in the Great Lakes Region

In the project area locally promoted technologies for energy efficient building material production are not economically viable solutions for mass scale dissemination. Successful technologies and production methods from Africa, Asia and/or Latin America are being transferred to the Great Lakes Region.

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16. January 2017

National School Construction Guidelines

The National School Construction Guidelines is the Ministry of Education’s concretization of its commitment to make schools safe from disasters and child-friendly for students in Lao PDR. School construction has been guided by standards and guidelines of donor and development agencies such as the WB, ADB, JICA, AusAID, and UNICEF.

8. February 2017

Special Monitoring FMO Poland

Appraisal for the EEA (European Economic Area) Financial Mechanism Office (Brussels) of 2 project adjustments in Poland.

7. February 2017

CVT Yangon

The Centre for Vocational Training (CVT) in Myanmar, together with the headquarters in Switzerland operates a three year commercial college and a secondary school. The school mangament decided to provide new and modern infrastrcuture at estimated costs amounting about CHF 5.0 million for which Skat was madated to provide an architectrual study. The priliminary design was not further developed by the client.

6. January 2017

Masterplan District Hospital Bumthang

The main objective of developing a Master Plan for the next 5-10 years was to ensure that all the activities that are required for the 40-bedded hospital are ideally perceived from both the Royal government’s perspective, the realities on ground and the prospective donors perspectives.


SDC Haiti mandated Skat Consulting to carry out a joint evaluation of two programs initiated by the SDC-Humanitarian Aid after the 2010 earthquake: the Programme d’Appui à la Reconstruction des Infrastructures Scolaires – PARIS and the Centre de Compétences à la Reconstruction – CCR.

9. December 2016

Resettlement & Housing Project for Roma Families

On behalf of Caritas Switzerland, Skat carried out support missions to contribute to the improvement of housing conditions and livelihoods of Roma families in Gjakova, Kosovo.


8. December 2016

Advisory Services and Backstopping in the Field of Roma-Integration and Slum Upgrading

Skat was mandated by HEKS to provide backstopping services to the Slum upgrading project in Roma Settlements of Serbia. The project supports key actors of the Serbian civil society and municipal administration in providing Romas equal access to public services and infrastructure, and in planning and managing active measures for sustainable upgrading of Roma Slums.


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