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Secretariat of the Swiss Small Hydropower Association “Swiss Small Hydro”

Switzerland  |  Energy and Climate

Swiss Small Hydro has been founded as ISKB in 1982 as a lobby organisation for independent power producers, most of them with Small hydropower Plants (SHP).

Management of the Swiss Hydropower Research Program of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE (Bundesamt für Energie BFE)

Switzerland  |  Energy and Climate

The Swiss Hydropower Research Programme started in 2008 under the direction of and managed by Dr. Klaus Jorde, since 2012 the programme management is under Skat Consulting Ltd.

External Evaluation of the Energising Development Program EnDev

Global  |  Networks and Knowledge Management, Energy and Climate

The projects concern the support to improved cooking systems, off-grid solar technologies (SHS, pico PV), mini-grids (solar/hybrid or hydropower), grid extension and biogas.

Update of the Hydrological Analysis for the potential Mini Hydropower Site of Lingatunda

Tanzania  |  Energy and Climate

A hydrological study has been elaborated for the potential hydropower site of Lingatunda (estimated potential of about 2.48 MW).

Support of the „Hydro Empowerment Network HPNET“, a practitioners‘ network for micro and mini hydropower in South and Southeast Asia

Global  |  Energy and Climate

HPNET is a young dynamically growing network, initiated with funds from Wuppertal Institute. The original structure, objectives and methods of the network had to be adapted to accommodate the needs of the meanwhile 60 members in more than 10 countries.

Preparation and implementation of a 2-days workshop on operation and management strategies for hydropower systems

Global  |  Energy and Climate

Detailed survey on operation and management problems of (big) hydropower plants (with reservoirs) in World Bank partner countries (Uganda, Rwanda / Burundi, Sao Tomé, Cameroon, Nepal) to prepare and implement a demand-oriented, strategic “Hydropower O&M Workshop HOW” on behalf of the World Bank Group and SECO.

Small Hydropower Expertise and Promotion in Switzerland

Switzerland  |  Energy and Climate

Revision of the Swiss Feed-In Tariffs for Small Hydropower Plants, Publication of a newsletter (3 times a year, in German, Italian and French), Promotion of Pre-Feasibility Studies in Switzerland

Plausibility check of hydrological studies for the hydropower projects Boshava and Vatashka, Macedonia

Macedonia  |  Energy and Climate

Studying and plausibility check of the hydrological studies and the related hydrological data.

Desk Study on Framework and Investment Conditions for Small Hydropower (below 10 MW) in Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, and Slovakia

Bulgaria  |  Energy and Climate

Analysing and comparing potentials for small hydropower (below 10 MW) and the respective frame conditions for investment in the four countries.

Hydrological Analysis for Hydropower Project Prell, Albania

Albania  |  Energy and Climate

Checking the plausibility of available hydrological studies and general hydrological and geological assessment for the planned privately financed 10 MW hydropower system of Prell, Albania

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