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Reduce inequalities in drinking water services: A Strategic Paper for UNICEF to Leave No-one Behind

Development of a strategic paper for UNICEF WASH to better mainstream equity with respect to drinking water service in its advocacy, planning, programming, monitoring and reporting.

2. January 2019

Social Acceptance of the Controlled Landfills III Program (DC III) in Tunisia

The program “controlled landfills for household waste III” which is part of the National Program for Integrated and Sustainable Waste Management (PRONGIDD) aims at waste management through transfer stations, landfills and waste treatment facilities all over the country (new landfills, mechanical-biological pilot treatment plants). Due to lack of information and lack of integrating people’s interest, ANGED is confronted with massive demonstrations of citizens and blockages of construction sites.

16. May 2018

Preparation and Implementation of a Webinar Series on Mini-Grids

Skat in close cooperation with Energypedia and the Hydro Empowerment Network HPNET, implemented a series of three webinars during the first half of 2017. In each of the sessions, between 90 and 160 attendees …

22. September 2017

Strengthening UNICEF and Partner Capacity to Raise Professionalism of Drilling and Drilling Management

Increasing the knowledge and understanding of UNICEF staff and project partners on how to support professional water well drilling.

13. September 2017

Leadership of the Self-supply Theme of RWSN

The Rural Water Supply Network is a network with global outreach among almost 10,000 practitioners in the water sector. Within this network, Skat was responsible for the set-up and development of one of the Themes: Self-supply.

15. March 2017

Supporting SME’s in the WASH sector

Since 2012, Skat collaborates with SHIPO (Southern Highlands Participatory Organization) in the development of its support services for local artisans and drillers. The holistic programme includes training of the local micro and small enterprises in technical but also in financial and marketing aspects,

2. February 2017

Support to AfricaAHEAD in Zimbabwe

AfricaAHEAD implements an integral project to support communities in Zimbabwe through Community Health Clubs (CHC), which are run by volunteers.

CWG Website – Information Outreach

Skat manages the Secretariat of CWG platform and maintains the website on its behalf. It regularly provides updates, news and publications to its readers.

11. January 2017

A Comprehensive Documentation about Small Hydropower

The Project “Concept for hydropower Documentation” consistently structures the mini and small hydropower knowledge to allow for easy access. Several publications being already outdated, the project targets the establishment of modules which can be regularly updated.

15. December 2016

REACH – improving water security for the poor (Research into Use)

REACH is a new global research programme to improve water security for the poor by delivering world-class science that transforms policy and practice. Living in poverty often means a struggle for water security.


18. October 2016

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