Drinking Water Supply for the population of the

               Great Lakes Programme Eau Potable pour la

               Population des Grands Lacs – PEPP

Realisation of water supply systems, rehabilitation of existing systems and improvement of hygiene practices in the three countries, support for establishment of sustainable management structures and exchange of knowledge and best practices; Phase 1: Establishment of Project Document; Phase 2: studies and pilot implementations; Phase 3: implementation of water supply systems including rehabilitation.


Rwanda, Burundi, RD Congo

Project Period:


Services Provided:

Backstopping & Technical Advice

  • Capacity Building and Training

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Backstopping Switzerland: Project Director: Anne Sophie Aublet, Project Manager: Hedi Feibel, knowledge management: Bertha Camacho, Hygiene & health issues: Manfred Zahorka

Project Team: Project Coordinator: Jean Louis Lavalade, Responsible for Water-Health and Sanitation and Deputy: Joelle Schwarz + local team (technical advisor, engineers, administrative and accounting staff, soft advisors)

Name of Partner Organisation(s):

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

Description of the Project:

About 400,000 people have improved access to sustainable drinking water supply systems; respectively – equal access to water of good quality, improved sanitation and hygiene, and knowledge sharing among the three countries of intervention

Technical planning and support during implementation, capacity building on different levels of intervention and on various aspects (technical implementation, operation and maintenance, hygiene aspects etc.), sensitisation and mobilisation, development of guidelines, training material etc., knowledge management (e.g. workshops for exchange of experience)

Results: About 30 systems supplying about 400,000 people are newly constructed or rehabilitated, sustainable operation and management of the systems is ensured.