AGUASAN Workshop 2017

Circular economy – transforming waste into resources

AGUASAN is an interdisciplinary Swiss Community of Practice (CoP) that brings together a broad range of specialists to promote wider and deeper understanding of key water and sanitation management issues in developing and transition countries. It builds on committed sector professionals from various specialised institutions involved in Swiss development cooperation, humanitarian aid and research. Since 1984, the CoP provides an exemplary, vibrant and most pertinent exchange platform and think-tank serving the water sector. Besides convening quarterly knowledge sharing events, every year members of the CoP organise an international AGUASAN Workshop in Switzerland.

The focus of this year’s 33rd AGUASAN Workshop will be on exchanging and generating knowledge to assist participants in transitioning from linear to circular water and sanitation models. Participants will do so by looking at the concept of circular economy in relation to the water and nutrient cycles and by identifying barriers and drivers in transitioning to a circular economy. They will analyse successful and failed approaches, apply them to managing water and nutrient cycles and prioritize entry points and courses of action. The invitation and announcement documents outline the concept of the workshop in more depth. If you are interested in attending the event, please complete the pre-registration form and return it as indicated, but not later than March 19th 2017.



Date: 26.06.2017 – 30.06.2017

Spiez, Switzerland

Tandiwe Erlmann (seecon gmbh)