Book Cover: Clients First!
Editions:Hardcover - no.3
ISBN: 3908156076
Pages: 49

Clients First!

A Rapid Market Appraisal Tool Kit

Author: Stefan Joss, Hans Schaltenbrand, Peter Schmidt

The Helvetas publication no. 3 describes the main characteristics of a basic market study as well as the methodology of a Rapid Market Appraisal (RMA). It also sums up the RMA lessons learnt in the two partner countries Kyrgyzstan and Vietnam. RMA allows to quickly measure the demand and opportunities for a particular product. RMA is an effective way of obtaining relevant information about a market system for a specific production sector whilst at the same time minimizing costs, delays and working time. The document provides details to conduct a RMA in agricultural markets and offers practical advice and examples of such marketing studies. It also offers practical methods of identifying constraints and business opportunities, a checklist of observations and monitoring tools for future planned interventions.

Language: English,
Typ of ressources: Manuals and Handbooks
Year: 2002
Publisher: Helvetas
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