Book Cover: Effective Joint Sector Reviews for WASH

Effective Joint Sector Reviews for WASH


This is the first consolidated and referenced multicountry study of Water or Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Joint Sector Reviews (JSRs). The study report and associated Learning Note and Poster provide an understanding of JSR processes and practical guidance on how to introduce and improve them. The study sets out a methodology in the form of visual checklists to reflect and take stock of WASH JSR processes. This could also form the foundation for subsequent cross-country comparisons of the JSR process.

The publications provide an analysis of JSRs as well as practical guidance on how to introduce and effectively manage them. The initial focus of the work was on JSRs in fragile states. However, the contested definitions of a fragile state, arbitrary thresholds as well as the realization that there are common issues with respect to JSRs in nonfragile countries led to a widening of the scope of countries studied. Notably, all countries included are considerably donor dependant for WASH. The study considered 25 countries, and found that between 2001 and 2015, WASH JSRs had taken place in 19 of them.

Note that these documents are review copies.

Author: Dr Kerstin Danert

Co-authors and researchers:

Sean Furey (Skat Consulting Ltd, Water and Sanitation Specialist), Mogens Mechta (Independent), and Sanjay K. Gupta (Skat Consulting Ltd, Water, Sanitation and Solid Waste Management Specialist)

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