Book Cover: Framework and Implementation Programme for Operation and Maintenance of Water Supplies

Framework and Implementation Programme for Operation and Maintenance of Water Supplies-A Politically Enabled Public Private Partnership

Northern Bahr el Ghazal State


Northern Bahr el Ghazal faces a major challenge to ensure sustainable water services to rural and urban communities. In the past Unicef’s regular supply of spare parts helped to keep the number of broken down hand pumps to a relatively low level (officially around 10%). With no more free spare parts from Unicef the number of non functioning hand pumps could increase dramatically. This framework provides a basis for turning a potential crisis into an opportunity. Its success will need a major shift in both policy and practice for operating and maintaining hand pumps and require state politicians and public services, private sector and community actors to each play their role.

The Vision is for Northern Bahr el Ghazal, through its own leadership and involvement of communities, to ensure sustainable access to safe water for all in the State.(…)


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Operation and Maintenance Framework for Water Supplies - Actions

1. State Ministers, Governor and State Government discuss and endorse a vision and key policy issues for the operation and maintenance framework including:

o No more free spare parts are distributed (apart from emergency responses in camps);

o Communities pay for spare parts and maintenance;


2. Clear roles and responsibilities for WASH are defined at state, county, payam, boma and community levels. This includes planning, management, monitoring and reporting as well as ensuring equitable access to water services and addressing community concerns at county level, with the regulation, oversight and support from the State Ministry.

3. All agencies work towards enabling stakeholders at state, county, payam. boma and community levels to fulfil their roles and responsibilities

4. A standard approach and common procedures for all aspects of developing and maintaining new and existing handpumps and water yards are developed by state government, together with partners.

5. (…)

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