Book Cover: Micro Hydro Power-Scout Guide-A field workers manual

Micro Hydro Power-Scout Guide-A field workers manual

Dear User,

It is with pride that we present this manual to you, respected user. Pride, because of this practical

and handy result of the Dutch-German cooperation in the energy field worldwide. The Dutch

have hundreds of years of experience with the power of water, with a substantial part of The

Netherlands situated below sea level. Germany is well known as a country with high expertise in

energy and renewable energy technologies. The knowledge gained in both countries is a valuable

source for promoting power generation through hydro power.

We trust that this manual will provide you with a practical tool to develop the micro hydro power

supply opportunities in your country. This will ensure a substantial leap in the contribution of

this clean source of energy to the power supply esp. in the currently less privileged countries.

Apart from the anticipated business development opportunities this source of energy will provide

for the rural communities. Even our global climate will not be harmed. This publication mainly addresses the actors in the field. It has been designed as a tool to shape

and prepare small-scale hydro power projects in a professional manner regarding their implementation. Moreover, it should be a thematic introduction

not only for all who are involved in the process of hydro power development, but also for those which do not dispose of full background knowledge in this specific field.

Special gratitude has to be given to Mr. Valentin Schnitzer, the author, who made his experiences

available in this scout guide. It is our intention to arrange global dissemination

of this manual. This implies that the hydro scouts worldwide can use it as a common basis

for professional talks. We wish you, the user, a successful and beneficial application of this manual.


Published: 2009

By Hydro Power, AMES — E / GTZ

Author: Valentin Schnitzer


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