Profits for all - Service for all

The theme of the discussions and presentations was "Profit for all - service for all". The origins of this topic are the unacceptability of the large numbers of people who do not have access to sustainable water supply and sanitation services, and the recognition that the planning, management and operation of these services cannot be left to volunteers and unpaid staff. Motivation is central to sustainability. This report will serve three purposes. Firstly, that it will be a useful record for those who attended the workshop, reminding them of the lessons learned during the week, acting as a trigger for new ideas and approaches, and encouraging continuing networking with fellow participants. Secondly, it is intended that the main body of this report will be meaningful and helpful to readers who were not at the workshop, but are intrigued by the topic - by the linking of the profit motive with the provision of water supply and sanitation services in low-income countries. Thirdly , this report may be of interest to readers who would like to catch a glimpse of the methods that have been developed at AGUASAN workshops over the years.


Author: Adrian Coad
Published by: SKAT Consulting Ltd.
Published: 2002
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