Book Cover: Spring Catchment
Editions:PDF - Volume 4
ISBN: 3 908001 96 X
Pages: 52

Spring Catchment


This concise and well-illustrated “how-to” manual is both a useful aide-memoire for those already well versed in the construction of spring catchments and an invaluable reference text for the novice. Useful tips and tricks cover the initial planning of a new catchment right through to sustainable operation and maintenance of existing systems. The main thrust of the publication is the construction strategy and techniques that are necessary to ensure that appropriate hardware is built to high standards – able to stand the test of time and requiring only simple and straightforward maintenance. The book deals with the major categories of springs, how to classify and understand them and their underground characteristics, and how to plan, design and construct a good spring catchment. There is a section covering the specifics of spring chamber construction and concluding comments outline the most common mistakes that are made when harnessing spring water.


Language: English,
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Publisher: Skat Consulting
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