Book Cover: Super Truck Trump: Faecal Sludge Trucks

Super Truck Trump: Faecal Sludge Trucks

A card game with sludge trucks from around the world


The management of faecal sludge from onsite sanitation systems in low and middle-income countries is a dirty and thankless business. Especially the emptying of latrines and septic tanks deserves respect and recognition.

In order to cast a positive light on the emptying business and to inform in a professional way but with a twinge of humour, Skat Foundation has produced a Top Trumps card game with 32 fascinating sludge trucks from around the world. The game comes with an information card on on-site sanitation.

The card game can be used as a give-away for conferences, meetings with decision makers and practitioners in the field, or simply to spend quality time with your kids.

The card game can be ordered for free, shipping costs only will be invoiced. Please send us and email with your postal address for receiving the parcel and the number of card decks you want to order. If you want to know the exact shipping costs before ordering, please mention this in your message to

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