This shit drama - are there ways out?

This report describes a workshop that was conducted in Switzerland as a response to the high continuing death toll from diseases caused by inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene. It was the nineteenth in a series that has concentrated on topical issues in water supply and sanitation. Participants from 19 countries in four continents assembled to try to find ways of improving the coverage of satisfactory latrines and hygiene education, firstly in connection with four cases studies, and then extending to the situations in which the participants are working, so that proposals are realistic and practical. Presentations were given on the following topics:

The links between health, sanitation and habits

The promotion and impacts of understanding on hygiene-related issues - awareness

Marketing - creating demand and adapting the product to the demand

Enforcement and incentives to promote changes in behaviour and spending - pressure

Four case studies were considered in detail . two from Asia and one each from Africa and Latin America. Each was at a different stage and scale. Working groups first became familiar with the cases and then discussed how to apply the information that had been presented to improve the health of the communities represented. The workshop also included short discussions based on the working situations of other participants, an excursion to see old and new approaches in the surrounding area, and other informal inputs.

Author: Adrian Coad
Published by: SKAT Consulting Ltd.
Published: 2003

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