Book Cover: Waste to Energy - Rapid Assessment Tool
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Waste to Energy - Rapid Assessment Tool

This Rapid Assessment Tool provides a series of simple checklists to help decision makers ask the right questions and includes some simple guidance on how to uncover the authenticity and credibility of the companies behind the offer including questions on the technical, financial and contractual conditionalities and on the compatibility of the technology offer with the policy, legal, financial, environmental and social context. It offers guidance on how to screen technology offers for mixed or segregated municipal solid waste, and to be able to determine quickly which offers to discard and which ones to pay serious attention to and progress into a proper professional Feasibility Study.

The tool also provides a glossary of terms at the end to help you understand the terminology commonly used, and additional sources of reading that will help you explore more.


Authors: The lead authors of Rapid Assessment Tool are Andrew Whiteman, Sanjay K Gupta, Cosmin Briciu and Stephen Bates.


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