Book Cover: Work the Net (2nd Edition)
Editions:PDF - Second Edition
ISBN: 978-3-944152-58-5
Pages: 157

This is a hands-on guide for setting up, structuring, managing, monitoring and evaluating networks efficiently and effectively. It focuses on the operational issues of networks and explains the most important aspects of making them work.
The guide addresses networking practitioners as well as other professionals wishing to establish a network.
The guide has several aids to help you to access the information.

  • A flowchart showing a typical process for establishing and managing a network.
  • The most important aspects of some sections are summarised in checklists.
  • Many aspects of networking relate to each other. The guide has cross-references leading to related information.
  • In order to illustrate better different aspects of network management, the guide presents real examples from existing networks.
  • Bearing in mind that the guide is not exhaustive, there is a section on resources such as books, publications, and websites.

We hope you will find useful tips to help you meet the challenge of networking.


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