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Feasibility studies for rural electrification projects in the Upper Matsiatra Region, Antsinanana and Amoron’i Mania (based on hydropower)

Madagascar  |  Energy and Climate

Skat elaborated various studies as a basis for the rural electrification based on renewables and implemented a training session for local stakeholders (ministry, ADER, regulator and private operators).

Support for the evaluation and revision of hydropower studies under the PERER (Electrification Programme through Renewables) in Madagascar

Madagascar  |  Energy and Climate

Skat analysed and revised feasibility and detailed design studies as well as hydrological studies for selected sites in Sava region.

Promotion of Small Hydropower (SHP) in Switzerland – Financial contribution to Pre Feasibility Studies, Quality check

Switzerland  |  Energy and Climate

Since 2012 the project is developed and coordinated under Skat Consulting Ltd. Up to today, over 600 potential Small Hydropower Sites in Switzerland have been studied.

External Evaluation of the Energising Development Program EnDev

Global  |  Networks and Knowledge Management, Energy and Climate

The projects concern the support to improved cooking systems, off-grid solar technologies (SHS, pico PV), mini-grids (solar/hybrid or hydropower), grid extension and biogas.

HYSAWA End Phase Review

Bangladesh  |  Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

An End Phase Review of the SDC investment in the HYSAWA Trust Fund between 2013-2016 to strengthen local governence through water, sanitation and hygiene interventions among vulnerable and marginalised rural communities.

Update of the Hydrological Analysis for the potential Mini Hydropower Site of Lingatunda

Tanzania  |  Energy and Climate

A hydrological study has been elaborated for the potential hydropower site of Lingatunda (estimated potential of about 2.48 MW).

Evaluation of the Sustainable Environmental Improvement Programme (PADE), City of St. Louis, Senegal

Senegal  |  Waste Management

Evaluation of a multidisciplinary programme involving solid waste management (public-private partnerships between the Municipality of St. Louis and community-based waste collection micro-enterprises.

Development of a Strategy for Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM)

Bhutan  |  Waste Management

Development of the strategy and strengthening of the regulatory and organisational framework for ISWM Bhutan.

Health Care Waste Management, Maldives

Maldives  |  Waste Management

Elaboration of a detailed and realistic immediate and medium-term Action Plan for health care waste

Strengthening Managerial Skill and Consulting Services in Solid Waste and Wastewater Treatment in Urban Areas of Vietnam

Vietnam  |  Waste Management

Strengthening Managerial Skill and Consulting Services in Solid Waste and Wastewater Treatment in Urban Areas of Vietnam

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