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Development of a future strategy for the “Swiss Small Hydro” Association

Switzerland  |  Energy and Climate

Swiss Small Hydro has been founded in 1982 as a lobby organisation for independent small hydropower producers. Given the current policy changes in Switzerland (“Energy Strategy 2050”), the association had to re-consider its general strategy to better address its members’ expectations.

Support of the „Hydro Empowerment Network HPNET“, a practitioners‘ network for micro and mini hydropower in South and Southeast Asia

Global  |  Energy and Climate

HPNET is a young dynamically growing network, initiated with funds from Wuppertal Institute. The original structure, objectives and methods of the network had to be adapted to accommodate the needs of the meanwhile 60 members in more than 10 countries.

Project to Develop Secondary Legislation for the new Water Law in Moldova

Moldova  |  Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

The project implements SDC support to the Ministry of Environment in Moldova to draft three regulations as part of secondary legislation for the new Water Law in Moldova

Rural Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Sector Development Program (RRRSDP)

Nepal  |  Building and Settlement

Skat, in association with 2 Nepalese consulting joint venture partners, has been selected by the Government of Nepal to provide consulting services and to assist the Government agencies responsible in the implementation of the ADB, DFID, SDC, OFID -funded Rural Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Sector Development Programme.

Assistance to the Malian Private Water Sector – ASP-Eau

Assistance to the Malian Private Water Sector – ASP-Eau  |  Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Skat provided continued support to the ASP-Eau Program at various stages, including organisational development, choice of appropriate partners, implementation of the BDS approach, market promotion, networking, institution and capacity building, and overall strategic programme development.

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