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Central project evaluation of the project “Programme for sustainable energies, Senegal”

Senegal  |  Energy and Climate

The approach of this program is to support the Senegalese government in exploiting the potential of renewables for electricity production and, at the same time, to use the available energy in a more efficient way and engage the private sector.

Central project evaluation of two projects “Energy Efficiency in Morocco” and “Employment promotion through energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energies (RE) in mosques”

Morocco  |  Energy and Climate

Preparation and implementation of online workshops and interviews, verification of several hypotheses selected from the results matrix (Theory of Change), SMART analysis of indicators, application of efficiency tool based on cost data, etc.; reporting on both evaluations with due regard to the requirements of GIZ.

International Support for Village Renewable Energy Survey for Afghanistan – focus on Micro Hydropower (MHP)

Afghanistan  |  Energy and Climate

Only one third of the population of Afghanistan has access to electricity; hence, The Afghanistan Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW), aims to meet the energy demands across the country by supporting and encouraging the use of Renewable Energy (RE). The GIZ Program’s Output 4 is mainly addressing climate change as well as boosting the productive use of renewable energy in Afghanistan through sustainable energy and ecosystem management.

Environmentally compatible hydroelectricity for small businesses and rural households – Madagascar

Madagascar  |  Energy and Climate

Based on a preliminary study from 2013 and a feasibility study carried out by AIDER in 2019, a detailed design study of the project is developed for the Small Hydroelectric Power Plant (PCH) of Mandialaza. The role of Skat is to accompany the different stages of the work and provide the necessary technical support to ensure the quality of the study, with a focus on the hydrology and civil engineering parts as well as hydraulic- engineering structures up to the turbine.

Promoting Rural Electrification in Myanmar

Myanmar  |  Energy and Climate

The aim of the Project is to increase the number of MHP projects and widen outreach to beneficiaries including remote mountainous area communities.

Mid-term evaluation of the project “Climate-friendly cooking technologies, Kenya and Senegal”

Global  |  Energy and Climate

Subject to this evaluation is the project “Climate-friendly cooking technologies, Kenia and Senegal. The project aims to demonstrate an innovative improved cooking stoves (ICS) market transformation strategy to significantly increase the level of ICS production and sales.

IRENA Expert Follow-up Event on Hydropower

Global  |  Energy and Climate

Plan an “Expert follow-up Event on Hydropower” for 3 days with about 80 participants. The participants will gain a common understanding of the role which hydropower can play in the renewables energy mix and the policy and general framework which is required to pave the way for hydropower development.

Small Hydro Mobility (analysis and study of the possibilities of linking small hydro and electric mobility)

Switzerland  |  Energy and Climate

The project explores under which conditions small hydro and electric mobility can be linked and studies in detail several sites that can be used as examples in order to promote and create a platform for the potential sector in Switzerland.

Scoping Study for the Development of a Ground-water Management, Use and Protection Programme

North Macedonia  |  Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

The aim of the Scoping Study was to develop a proposal for a new Groundwater Management, Use and Protection Programme in North Macedonia through the process of co-creation with the relevant stakeholders.

Integrated Water Resources Management in Kosovo (IWRM-K) Program Phase 1

Kosovo  |  Enviromental Management and IWRM

In Kosovo, based on its long-standing engagement in the water services area, the SDC sets out to support over the next decade the establishment of an Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) approach with related institutional capacities and people’s skills. Based on its performance in the one-year inception phase of intervention design, Skat Consulting Ltd. in association with the EAA was mandated to implement the Phase 1 of the IWRM-K Program.

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