Leadership of the Self-supply

              Theme of RWSN

The Rural Water Supply Network is a network with global outreach among almost 10,000 practitioners in the water sector. Within this network, Skat was responsible for the set-up and development of one of the Themes: Self-supply. The term was coined by RWSN and refers to an approach under which people upgrade their water and sanitation services, chiefly financed by themselves.

In 2012, Skat took over the leadership of this Theme and continued the development of the concepts and contents related to it. During this time the concept has become increasingly recognized as an important part of the puzzle to improve water and sanitation services, particularly for – but not limited to – remote rural areas.



Project Period:

2012 – up to date

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Project Manager: Matthias Saladin (previously: André Olschewski)

Name of Client(s)

World Vision, Skat Project Fund

Description of assignment

Skat is responsible for the overall lead related to the Self-supply Theme within RWSN. This includes strategic planning and development, yearly planning and reporting, providing contents and developing specific initiatives within this Theme, as well as Knowledge Management of the same.