SolarChill Development, Testing

                and Technology Transfer Outreach

The main objective of the SolarChill project is to help deliver vaccines and to cool and store food and beverages in rural areas without grid power. SolarChill does not use any fluorocarbons in its cooling system or in the insulation and hence is climate friendly.


Colombia, Swaziland, Kenya

Project Period:


Services Provided:

Transfer of Technologies and Approaches

Executive Agency for the Project, Corsortium Management, Fund Management and Monitoring

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Dr. Sanjay K Gupta – Team Leader
Dr. Hedi Feibel

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SolarChill Leaflet

Description of the Project:

The SolarChill Project aims to tangibly improve the quality of our environment and human health by delivering affordable, climate friendly, lead battery free, solar powered vaccine cooling and food refrigeration to parts of the world that are without reliable electrical supply.

SolarChill thus bridges health, development and environmental issues. It is an iconic example of how humanity can embrace renewable energy. Moreover, SolarChill demonstrates that health, environment and poverty issues are inextricably interrelated and must be tackled together.

The key tasks under the project is to manage consortium partners, fund disbursal and monitoring of the implementation.