Borehole Drilling – Planning, Contracting & Management:   A UNICEF Toolkit

The Toolkit brings uniformity to practices and to guide UNICEF staff involved in borehole drilling procurement, the supply of equipment, and contracting consultancy services for borehole siting and supervision.


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Knowledge Sharing, Networking, Training &  Capacity Building

  • Project Management, Consultancy

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Project Manager: Kerstin Danert, Layout/Design: Martin Läng

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Description of the Project:

The Toolkit guides both UNICEF programme and supply staff through the life of a project. It follows a logical sequence on UNICEF procurement practices and provides recommendations on tendering processes, evaluation criteria, contract provisions, generic bill of quantities, terms of reference and contractual approaches to seek technical services for siting of boreholes, borehole construction and supervision of construction works. The Toolkit comprises an introduction and five modules:

  1. Principles for Planning, Contracting and the Management of Borehole Drilling Projects
  2. Procurement Considerations for Borehole Drilling Works
  3. Borehole Siting and Drilling Supervision Consultancy
  4. Terms of Reference for Borehole Drilling Works and Pump Supply and Installation
  5. Request for Proposal for Services (RFPS)

Reference: UNICEF/Skat Foundation (2018) Borehole Drilling –Planning, Contracting and Management: A UNICEF Toolkit, Cost Effective Boreholes Partnership of the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) by UNICEF and Skat Foundation, Available here.

Further information

The previous collaboration between UNICEF, Skat Foundation and WaterAid culminated in the publication of a Guidance Note on Professional Water Well Drilling in 2016. The publication consolidates over a decade of experiences and publications into an easy-to-use manual for UNICEF staff and partners.

Download the Guidance Note here