A Comprehensive Documentation about Small Hydropower

The Project “Concept for hydropower Documentation” consistently structures the mini and small hydropower knowledge to allow for easy access. Several publications being already outdated, the project targets the establishment of modules which can be regularly updated.


Switzerland / International

Project Period:

2014 – 2017

Services Provided:

Knowledge Sharing, Training, Networking and Capacity Development

Phase I: Compilation, screening of contents and structuring of all available publications on mini and small hydropower; proposal of a new module structure to facilitate easy access and regular updating. Phase II: Elaboration of the first module (“Overview SHP and actors”), adaptation of the template and the ToR’s. Phase III: Tendering and evaluation of the modules II to VI, coordination between the modules, review of the content, layout of all modules

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Dr. Hedi Feibel, SHP Expert

Martin Bölli, SHP Expert

Name of Client:

Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE, Bundesamt für Energie BFE)

Description of the Project:

Objectives: The main objective is to make knowledge on mini and small hydropower easily available in a module structure which can be easily up-dated whenever required in the future.

Services provided: screening of all relevant available publications, definition of modules; proposal of 6 modules (with sub-modules); specification of links between modules and sub-modules, elaboration of a first module for testing and demonstration; Tendering and evaluation for the elaboration of the other five modules; coordination between the different authors and support; review of the content, layout of all 6 modules.

Results and products: overview of existing publication, report with proposal for a comprehensive documentation structure, terms of Reference for the preparation of the respective modules and sub-modules, module template, evaluation of the submitted proposals, six modules (will be published on www.sfoe.admin.ch)