Backstopping & Technical Advice

We provide long-term technical, management, conceptual and strategic support to governments, donors and NGOs. In some cases partnerships have continued for 10 years or more.

We offer backstopping of thematic desks of development agencies and of infrastructure projects and programmes. With our profound knowledge in various thematic areas and understanding about diverse contexts we are able to offer the highest standard in advising.

Our services include:

  • technical backstopping in various thematic areas
  • needs assessments
  • development of action plans
  • coaching in management, project management, networks and knowledge management

Based on the long-term experience of our consultants we are able to apply a set of skills in different thematic areas, which leads to sustainable solutions. Further, we carry out needs assessments and develop action plans for greater impact of measurable development interventions. With regards to capacity building we coach project and programme managers and international teams on project cycle management and facilitate knowledge sharing networks.