Conceptual review of the project “Integrated municipal management of water and sanitation services in Guatemala (Proyecto A’JIN)”

Mid-term review of a comprehensive project aimed at strengthening the capacity of small and medium-sized municipalities in providing safe and regular water supply and sanitation services to their communities.



Project Period:

April 2008

Description of the Project:

Skat was contracted to review the strategic approach and the results achieved so far in this trailbreaking project. On the basis of field visits and stakeholder interviews, the following tasks were performed:

  • Conceptual clarification of the integrated aproach (municipal management relying strongly on community participation; integration of project components water supply, management systems incl. Billing and O+M, environmental and sanitary education, sanitation / waste water management, solid waste management, source protection)
  • Analysis of the dynamic context (opportunities and risks of current political trends, synergies with other government initiatives etc.)
  • Assessment of Helvetas’ role and definition of desired levels of intervention
  • Assessment of potential of existing and emerging partnerships and networks
  • Follow-up on transversal themes: gender issues, protection of the environment, governance, decentralization, intercultural issues and conflict.