Development of a future strategy for the “Swiss Small Hydro” Association

Swiss Small Hydro has been founded in 1982 as a lobby organisation for independent small hydropower producers. Given the current policy changes in Switzerland (“Energy Strategy 2050”), the association had to re-consider its general strategy to better address its members’ expectations



Project Period:

Sept 2016 – Jan 2017

Services Provided:

Policy and Strategy Development

  • Analysis of status quo of the association and participatory development of a future strategy

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Dr. Hedi Feibel, expert for participatory strategy development and small hydropower

Bertha Camacho, expert for organisational development and facilitation

Name of Client:

Swiss Small Hydro Association

Description of the Project:

Services provided by Skat: preparation, implementation and evaluation of an online survey among the members of the association and of about 10 semi-structured interviews with key stakeholder in the association (e.g. board members); preparation and facilitation of a one-day strategy workshop with the board members; evaluation of the workshop and drafting of key recommendations for the future strategy.

Objective: The Board of the Swiss Small Hydro Association has a new well defined strategy which takes into account the members’ needs and expectations and addresses the future challenges in the sector. The strategy helps the association to well promote the small hydro technology in a challenging political context.

Activities: review of general information on the association, preparation of a questionnaire to survey the members’ opinion and an interview guideline for phone interviews with key stakeholders; assessment of all results to define the structure for a strategy workshop; development of a workshop agenda and the structure of focal points to be addressed; facilitation of the workshop (using tools like SWOT analysis, and logframe); common definition of a vision / overall goal, specific objectives, required activities and working structure of the association.

Results: Definition of a clear vision and of three specific objectives. For each objective a related field of activities was defined: i.e. lobbying / external communication, advisory services for members / knowledge exchange / internal communication and fund raising.