Domestic Rainwater Harvesting Study Uganda

Identification of private-sector based distribution plans for potential domestic roofwater harvesting (DRWH) products under design by the client. Collection and analysis of information relevant to the product design to ensure that the product’s value propositions are consistent with the business interests of commercial stakeholders in prospective distribution channels and with the needs and preferences of the final customers.


Kapchorwa, Kabale, Mbarara and Isingiro Districts, Uganda

Project Period:

January to February 2009

Services Provided:

Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Consultancy

Name of Client(s):

Enterprise Works/VITA Inc.

Name of Partner Organisation(s):

Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA)

Description of the Project:

In depth study undertaken, using a blend of secondary data, key informant interviews, on-site observation and focus group discussions involving water users, retailers and others active in the water storage supply chain. The main tasks undertaken were:

  • Sub-sector mapping of the delivery of water storage and supply products, services and solutions, including identification of relevant products and product substitutes available and their costs;
  • Identification and description of various potential consumer and market segments, including water users for water storage and supply;
  • Assessment of how well existing water storage and supply products, services and solutions satisfy the needs of the each customer market segment;
  • Analysis of the relevant business environment and socio-economic context;
  • Identification of specific consumer market opportunities, purchasing preferences and benchmarks that a new DRWH product would need to satisfy in order to succeed;
  • Identification of potentially feasible private-sector based and commercially viable options for product distribution.