economic_developmentEconomic development

Skat has expertise in a wide-range of market-based and income-generation approaches, including assessment and analysis and in the planning and management of interventions that improve livelihoods.

We know that only people who are able to earn enough income to cover their basic needs are able to overcome poverty. Therefore, Skat supports employment opportunities that are both an end in themselves and unlock the potential of people to solve their own challenges, and those facing their community and country.

Our services include among others:

  • Implementation of a market-based approach i.e. energy efficient production of bricks to promote off-farm employment in Burundi, Rwanda and South Kiwu
  • Advising entrepreneurs on the introduction of sustainable construction technologies, and guidance for enabling them shifting to environmental-friendly and socially acceptable production of bricks
  • Introduction of labour intensive road construction practices in areas with high unemployment
  • Strategic advice for development agencies on approaches for employment and income creation
  • Leading expertise in water supply self-supply and Base of the Pyramid (BoP) approaches that support entrepreneurs and Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to delivery affordable products and services.

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