buildings_settlement   Energy Efficient Brick Production (EEBP)

Under the mandate of SDC, Skat contributed to the introduction of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly brick production technology to the Pakistani brick sector.



Project Period:


Services Provided:

Project Implementation

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Programme Director: Karl Wehrle

Project Manager: Daniel Wyss

Project Officer: Marianne Pecnik (Head of the Project Team in Pakistan)

Description of the Project:

Implementing a technology transfer project, introducing energy efficient and environmental friendly brick production technology to the Pakistani brick sector.

Objective: To reduce CO2 emissions and to improve the working conditions within the building material industry of Pakistan

Activities: Demonstrating clean brick production methods (e.g. Vertical Brick Shaft Kiln (VSBK) technology) in Pakistan and establishing the services for its dissemination

Results: Private Pakistani brick entrepreneurs invest in cleaner production technology.

Skat provided the following services:

  • Context assessment, project design, acquiring interested pilot entrepreneurs
  • Establishing a local team of engineers for planning, engineering and construction support for brick makers interested in clean brick-making technology
  • Supporting local entrepreneurs in the establishment of six pilot VSBK-shafts and in operating them.
  • Building the capacities of the local team of engineers and guiding and preparing them for offering of the follow up activity as a private firm.