External evaluation of the Swiss Malaria Group

Skat was selected to conduct an external evaluation of the Swiss Malaria Group. The main objective of the evaluation was to provide recommendations on the institutional development of the SMG, the commitment of its members and the potential of its advocacy role.



Project Period:


Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Project Manager: Bertha Camacho

Name of Client:

Swiss Malaria Group

Description of the Project:

The Swiss Malaria Group (SMG) is a multi-stakeholder group comprised by 15 organisations (public, industrial, PDPs, PPPs, NGOs) based in Switzerland. The goal of the SMG is to raise awareness about the devastation wreaked by malaria and the work of Switzerland together with other countries to defeat it. Synergies between the members contribute to the decline of malaria cases around the world through innovative control measures, knowledge and financial flows.

In order to facilitate the elaboration of the Swiss Malaria Group (SMG) strategy with a focus on enhanced sustainability and impact, and to coordinate upcoming SMG activities, SMG agreed to install an executive secretariat hosted by the Network Medicus Mundi Switzerland (MMS). An Opening Credit of the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) enabled the SMG to formalize the process, including building up of the definite organizational structure and fundraising and to design and implement a strategic plan for enhanced activities of SMG in the fight against malaria. After a year of implementation of this new organisational model, an external review was considered necessary to examine and provide recommendations, which helped SMG’s further work. In June, 2015 Skat Consulting Ltd. was selected to carry out this assignment for SMG.

The objectives of the external review Were to examine and provide recommendations on:

  • The institutional development of the Swiss Malaria group
  • The role of the executive secretariat in fulfilling the SMG’s aims
  • The commitment of its member organisations
  • The potential of its advocacy work