networks_knowledge-management       KM Support to SDC Networks:

                 Decentralisation, Democratization and

                 Local Governance Network and RésEAU

Skat has been supporting SDC in two of its thematic networks: the RésEau (in the framework of the Backstopping Mandate in Water and Sanitation) and the dlgn: the Decentralization, Democratization and Local Governance Network.



Project Period:

dlgn 2010– 2014

RésEAU since 2008

Name of Staff involved:

Project staff supporting the RésEau: Roger Schmid,  Florian Klingel and Bertha Camacho

Project staff supporting the dlgn: Bertha Camacho

Description of the Project:


Since 2010, Skat has been providing support to the SDC’s focal point for the Decentralisation, Democratization and Local Governance Network. From 2010 – 2011, Skat together with Ximpulse Consultants supported and advised the dlgn Focal Point on thematic issues, institutional learning, knowledge sharing, and networking. The assignment also included the revision of the Share Web, the moderation of e-discussions, and support in the planning of a F2F workshop in Sarajevo. From 2012 – 2014, Skat supported the Focal Point in the publication, editing and dissemination of the dlgnews.


In the framework of the SDC backstopping Mandate in Water and Sanitation Skat has been providing specific support to the SDC Water Network RésEAU’s Focal Point in the knowledge sharing activities of the network. The main activities carried out are:

  • Capitalization and sector documentation where the sector’s, and in particular SDC’s and its partners’ experiences and knowledge are systematically documented and updated in the Network’s Shareweb platform and moderation of online discussions
  • Networking and knowledge sharing, where the Water Team Days, the yearly Face-to-face event of the RésEAU is being organized and facilitated. This also included the support in the organization and facilitation of other learning and sharing events of the Sub-RésEAUs: Central Asia, Eastern Europe and West Balkans.
  • Communication and dissemination of the Water News