Knowledge Management Training and Exposure Visit –

                   DESPRO– Decentralisation Support in Ukraine

In the frame of the Decentralisation Support Project DESPRO, Skat organised and led a training and exposure visit to Switzerland with the aim of giving partners of DESPRO the opportunity to learn about knowledge management (KM) in the public sector. The Ukrainian delegation included partners of Parliamentary Committees, ministries, and agencies/academies who train civil servants and employees of public authorities and governments.



Project Period:


Services Provided:

Knowledge Sharing, Networking, Training & Capacity Development

  • Organisation of a training and exposure visit

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Project Manager: Claudia Schneider

KM Specialist: Bertha Camacho

Logistics: Laura Neuweiler-Garcia, Noro Schmid-Robson

Name of Partner:


Description of the Project:

Raising the standards of decentralised public services provision in Ukraine through the integration of effective KM processes into the local governance system, Skat prepared training and exposure visits thematically, organised all the meetings, engaged resource persons as well as managed all logistical matters. The aim was to provide partners of DESPRO with the opportunity to learn about expertise on knowledge management in the public sector.

Participants were asked to focus on how public servants and employees implement a KM strategy and mobilise resources, and reflected on their own KM practices in Ukrainian institutions and organisations.

The KM training (hosted at the Institute of Federalism in Fribourg) and exposure visit combined site visits to the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration, National Archives, Canton of Berne, etc; analysis of best practices in the public sector and gained insight into the following topics: Introduction to the concept of KM; benefits of KM, marketing the added value of KM; incentives/motivation for knowledge and information sharing; KM practices in the public sector; KM strategies and tools used /applied in the public sector and in the administration; communication and information channels – vertically and horizontally within the Swiss administration and government and externally to the population; common challenges of KM; introduction to the concept of e-government; and on-line services.

Skat organised a wrap-up workshop at the end of the training and exposure visit whereby participants could reflect on the major impressions and how they will use the lessons learned in their working environment and in the further project implementation of DESPRO.