knowledge-sharing_networking_training_capacity-development     Knowledge Sharing

Our philosophy is that good knowledge should be shared, but the process of doing that successfully can be challenging; most professionals are faced with information overload in their daily working lives. Therefore our route to creating impact is through attention to detail, quality control and understanding the needs of our audiences.  As knowledge generators, brokers and curators we constantly innovate and find new ways to connect development professionals with the answers and learning and networking opportunities that they are looking for. We help our clients and partners unlock the power of networks so that they can achieve more. We have developed effective ways to share knowledge and develop workshops and training that meet our clients and partners expectations.

Our services include:

  • technical training, quality-management training
  • support to training institutions, capacity building and training-of-trainers (ToT)
  • advising on and building networks
  • organisation and facilitation of workshops, seminars and conferences and
  • organisation of study tours

For us, building capacity and ownership is key to progress and sustainability.

Our experience and services in this area range from international conferences, workshops and courses for decision-makers, senior managers and policy-makers to hands-on support to communities and technical operatives. You can expect tailor-made, participatory workshops, either online or face-to-face with a high standard of quality, efficiency and impact.

Based on the long-term experience of our consultants we are able to apply a set of skills in different thematic areas, which leads to sustainable solutions. Further, we carry out needs assessments and develop action plans for greater impact of measurable development interventions. With regards to capacity building we coach project and programme managers and international teams on project cycle management and facilitate knowledge sharing networks.