Mid Term Review of the SDC’s Water and Sanitation Programme

               in Central America: Aguasan Nicaragua, Aguasan Honduras,

               Aguasan Regional

Mid Term Review of the SDC’s Water and Sanitation Programme in Central America: Aguasan Nicaragua, Aguasan Honduras, Aguasan Regional


Central America (Nicaragua, Honduras)

Project Period:

July- September 2014

Services Provided:

Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Evaluation

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Evaluator: Florian Klingel

Methodolgical support: Bertha Camacho

Name of Client(s)

Swiss Cooperation Office for Central America, Managua, Nicaragua

Description of the Project:

Since more than 30 years, SDC is supporting the water and sanitation sector in Central America. In the last years, SDC’s programme was composed of the Water and Sanitation Programmes (Aguasan) in Nicaragua and Honduras, as well as of a programme working on regional level, Aguasan Regional.

The Mid Term Evaluation (MTR) 2014 focussed on the revision of the context in the region, the evaluation of the programme progress towards achievement of the phase objectives, as well as on the identification of options for a possible next phase.

As the Swiss Cooperation Office aimed at a future combination of it’s water and sanitation programmes and local governance programmes, the MTR for the Aguasan programmes was conducted in parallel with the MTR of the local governance programmes in Honduras and Nicaragua, including joint workshops in both countries.

Skat was tasked with the lead of the MTR of the Aguasan programmes and provided the following services:

  • Prepare key questions and workshop methodologies, leading the two national evaluators in Nicaragua and Honduras
  • Conduct field visits of selected projects and conduct focus group discussions with project stakeholders
  • Facilitate workshops with project teams, including joint workshops with governance project teams for Identification of future optionsand scenarios of joined governance and water programmes
  • Consolidation of results, analysis, reporting