Networking Support to RAIN Foundation

RAIN Foundation’s aim is to motivate and help as many people as possible to use rainwater harvesting in a sustainable and effective way, whether the water is for domestic, productive or environmental purposes. Their focus is on making the concept and practice of rainwater harvesting familiar to people in areas that lack sufficient and safe water sources.  To do this more effectively RAIN wanted to develop an online community of practice and share experiences and knowledge through a series of bi-lingual webinars.



Project Period:


Name of Client(s):

RAIN Foundation

Services provided:

Knowledge Sharing, Networking, Training & Capacity Development

  • Organising bi-lingual webinars (English/French), Stakeholder mapping & engagement)
  • Promotion of rainwater harvesting and RAIN, Knowledge management support on rainwater harvesting

Name of the Staff involved and functions performed:

Sean Furey: lead, webinar facilitator, communications, promotion,networking and knowledge management

Dr Kerstin Danert: Webinar support and knowledge management

Anne Sophie Aublet: English-French translation and webinar support

Martin Läng: Webinar technical support

Description of the Project:

Skat was well positioned to provide this support because of the existing networking and knowledge management tools and expertise used to run the Secretariat for the Rural Water Supply Network. The theme also aligns well with the interests of RWSN members, particuarly those in the Accelerating Self Supply theme, which is also coordinated by Skat.  Hence, Skat was able to create a sub-network within RWSN focused on rainwater harvesting, and incorporated the webinars into a broader series that is taking place over the autumn of 2014. Within a year the rainwater network grew to over 500 active members from 85 countries.  7 well attended webinars were hosted in 2014 (with a 4-page synthesis) and a further 3 in early 2015. (Recordings: