buildings_settlement  Project Appraisals in new EU Member States

Appraisal for the EEA (European Economic Area) Financial Mechanism Office (Brussels) of 72 project proposals in the new EU countries.


Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia

Project Period:


Services Provided:

Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Assessment of project proposals

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Project Leader & Evaluator: Claudia Schneider; Other Evaluators: Sabine Rosenthaler, Daniel Wyss

Name of Client:

Financial Mechanism Office of EEA (European Economic Area)

Name of Partner Organisation(s):

Swiss Centre for International Health (SCIH), Swiss Tropical Institute

Description of the Project:

Skat was mandated by the Financial Mechanism Office of the EEA through the SCIH to conduct appraisals of project proposals in new EU member countries.

Czech Republic and Slovakia: Skat undertook evaluations of project proposals to improve health facilities. 13 project proposals concerning modernisation works of social facilities, kindergarten, schools, restoration of cultural heritage protected buildings such as churches, monasteries and folk open air museums. This included the assessment of existing buildings and infrastructure, including project document, budget, and time lines, as well as the consideration of sustainability aspects.

Poland: Skat carried out appraisals of 36 project applications concerning thermo-modernisation measurements in public buildings, mainly schools, health centres, fire brigade facilities, etc. The projects include measurements such as insulation of external walls and roofs, replacing old windows, and modernisation/exchange of central heating systems.

Latvia: Skat conducted 5 project appraisals related to health, child care, and cultural heritage. Project appraisals included centres for children with special needs, restoration of protected wooden architecture buildings.

Lithuania: Skat was in charge as leading expert to appraise 7 projects concerning restoration works of cultural heritage protected buildings, such as old manor houses, remains of a castle, and a wooden church.

Slovenia: Skat backstopped and ensured qualitative appraisal work of 5 proposals concerning cultural heritage and health / childcare, such as kindergarten with effective energy consumption, children health care centres, restoration of an old theatre and a Centre of Modern Art in Ljubljana.