Promoting Climate Responsive Building Material Production

              and Off-farm Employment in the Great Lakes Region

The currently locally promoted technologies for energy efficient building material production aren’t economically viable solutions for mass scale dissemination. Successful technologies and production methods from Africa, Asia or Latin America shall be transferred to the Great Lakes Region. After adaptation to local raw materials, fuels and market context, they shall be demonstrated and documented regarding social and environmental and economic performance. Simultaneously, the local authorities, banks and service providers shall be enabled to create a supportive environment, allowing the building material sector to change to a more sustainable structure.


Great Lakes Region (Rwanda, Burundi, DRC)

Project Period:

11/2012 – 10/2015

Services Provided:

Knowledge Sharing, Networking, Training & Capacity Development

  • Capacity building and training, project implementation, applied research

Name of the Staff involved and functions performed:

Project Manager: Daniel Wyss, plus two new expatriate Skat experts

Backstopping: Bertha Camacho, Daniel Schwitter, Urs Hagnauer

Name of Partner Organisation(s):

CRAterre, Swisstopo, Greentech (India)

Description of the Project:

Establish an inventory on raw material, resoucre use management, action research, trainings, develop manuals, develop role models, provide business information to banks to facilitate access to credits

Results: Local authorities take informed decisions on the use of natural resources and the promotion of climate responsible building material production; landless young adults have access to know-how on operating climate responsive building material production technology, offering improved working conditions, particularly for women; rural entrepreneurs have economically viable business models for labour friendly and climate responsive production of affordable building material and access to capital required for the creation of extra-agricultural off-farm jobs