Promotion of Small Hydropower (SHP) in Switzerland –

              Financial contribution to Pre Feasibility Studies, Quality check

The project intends to promote the assessment of potential SHP Sites in Switzerland by a financial contribution.



Project Period:

2012 – 2018

Services Provided:

Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Evaluation of submitted sponsorship application, decision; Process monitoring and Backstopping;
  • Coordination with the Partner Organisation, Quality Control of all developed Feasibility Studies, Overall Coordination.

Staff involved and functions performed:

Martin Bölli, SHP Expert

Name of Client(s)

Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE, Bundesamt für Energie BFE)

Name of Partner Organisation(s):


Description of the Project:

The financial contribution allows that SHP experts are visiting the potential site and write a short report summarising their assessment of the site including a recommendation of the next steps. The financial contribution reduces the barrier to tackle a new SHP project. On the other side, the requirements on the produced report guarantee that the output complies with some minima criteria. Additionally, the approval of the report creates an opportunity of incorporating a third and independent opinion. The project started already in the 90-ies and is since 2005 under the direction of and managed by Martin Bölli. Since 2012 the project is developed and coordinated under Skat Consulting Ltd. Up to today, over 600 potential Small Hydropower Sites in Switzerland have been studied.

Objective: Triggering new Small Hydropower projects

Results: over 600 potential Small Hydropower sites in Switzerland studied