buildings_settlementResettlement & Housing Project for Roma Families

On behalf of Caritas Switzerland, Skat carried out support missions to contribute to the improvement of housing conditions and livelihoods of Roma families in Gjakova, Kosovo.



Project Period:


Services Provided:

Backstopping & Technical Advice

  • Project appraisal
  • planning & backstopping of implementation

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Claudia Schneider

Name of Client:

Caritas Switzerland

Description of the Project:

The project strengthens integration of minorities, participatory community building, social integration, income generation and economic development with the objective to improve living and housing conditions of Roma people.

Skat conducted the following activities:

  • Assessment of a Roma Settlement in Gjakova to develop a strategy for the next steps to improve housing and living conditions for poverty reduction.
  • Examination of the current situation and revision of potentials, including a stakeholder analysis considering technical, institutional, economic, social, cultural, and environmental aspects. Advisory services to the local Caritas team for subsequent steps.
  • Guidance, supervision and thorough support to the project team and partners in the implementation of the project
  • Quality revisions, ensuring minimum technical and social quality criteria.
  • Backstopping in the planning, design and execution of houses, social and technical infrastructure.