Secretariat of the Swiss Small Hydropower Association

                 “Swiss Small Hydro”

Swiss Small Hydro has been founded as ISKB in 1982 as a lobby organisation for independent power producers, most of them with Small hydropower Plants (SHP). Skat was member of the board and hosts since June 2013 the secretariat of the association, which is named “Swiss Small Hydro” since spring 2016. The SHP info service is closely related with the operation of the secretariat, and therefore Skat is also operating this service.



Project Period:

2013 – 2023

Services provided:

Knowledge Sharing. Networking, Training & Capacity Development

  • Managing the Secretariat of the Association and the SHP Information Centre

Name of the Staff involved and functions performed:

Martin Bölli, General Secretary and Small Hydropower Expert

Name of Client(s):

Swiss Small Hydro

Description of project:

Services provided by Skat: Management of the Secretariat and the network; Info services about SHP in Switzerland to stakeholders and experts;

Objective: Promotion of the SHP technology and improvement of existing plants, ensuring the economic interests of the member of the association, Facilitation of technical and economic education; General information about Small Hydropower in Switzerland, Awareness creation about the relevance of the technology,

Activities: Organisation of the Directors’ Meetings, the General Assembly, the annual SHP congress; Info services to stakeholders, industry, planners, media and politics; Cooperation with the Federal offices, the Cantons and the communities; Cooperation with partner organisations for more effective and improved implementation of the tasks; Public relations;