Support for SDC to follow up Rural Water Supply and

              Sanitation Initiative (RWSSI) Trust Fund

Skat supports Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in policy dialogue with the African Development Bank and with other Steering Committee members and gives management support, in particular, concerning the follow up of the implementation of the strategic business plan for RWSSI. It provides technical advice e.g. on developing a monitoring and evaluation framework and training support to African Development Bank (on demand) for specific WASH related topics and supports exchange between Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and RWSSI actors.


Africa, Switzerland

Project Period:

February 2014 – December 2016

Services Provided:

Backstopping & Technical Advice

  • Management support for Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (Head Quarters and Cooperation Offices in Africa, Technical Advisor on WASH topics for African Development Bank partners (on demand)

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Project Manager, Technical Advisor: André Olschewski

Questions and answers: Roger Schmid, Jürg Christen

Name of Client(s):

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, West Africa Division

Name of Partner Organisation(s):

Four international experts in a team

Description of the Project:

Skat has been mandated to provide the following services:

  • Management support and technical advice for Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Head Quarters in its role as Steering Committee member of the RWSSI Trust Fund at African Development Bank
  • Technical advice for Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation`s Cooperation Offices in Africa (on demand) and support in sharing of good practice in RésEau
  • Technical advice for regional member countries and African Development Bank staff (on demand)

The objective of the backstopping mandate is to ensure that Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation strategic objectives in RWSSI are achieved.

The main activities carried out by Skat are:

  • Consultancy and support of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation on various topics (on demand);
  • Demand creation for training and exchange on level of regional member countries, linking of key actors,
  • Fostering exchange of good practice and pro active information exchange between key actors
  • Inputs in Steering Committee meetings and follow up
  • Yearly training events on specific WASH topics,
  • Specific technical support to African Development Bank entities and Cooperation Offices in Africa (on demand)