Support of the „Hydro Empowerment Network HPNET“, a practitioners‘ network for micro and mini hydropower in South and Southeast Asia

HPNET is a young dynamically growing network, initiated with funds from Wuppertal Institute. The original structure, objectives and methods of the network had to be adapted to accommodate the needs of the meanwhile 60 members in more than 10 countries. The organisational structure and responsibilities are to be readjusted to organise communication, marketing and thus also the access to funding and know-how more efficiently and to finally relieve the secretariat of the network. Skat Foundation supports HPNET with its own funds and contributes professional competences on network development as well as on micro/mini hydropower. Skat’s experts are part of the preparation and implementation of the mini-grid webinar series.



Project Period:

 Oct 2016 – Dec 2017

Services Provided:

Policy & Strategy Development

Knowledge Sharing, Networking, Training and Capacity Development

  • Support for the strategy development process of the network, including the redefinition of a structure adapted to the increasing number of members, improvement of internal and external communication, identification of strategic partners and supporters; assistance in the preparation and facilitation of the annual meeting 2016 in Kathmandu.

Name of Client:

Skat Foundation

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Dr. Hedi Feibel,: preparation of the strategy development process with the network secretariat and the steering group, content and methodological support, co-moderation of annual gathering, preparation of webinars with regard to contents.

Bertha Camacho: comprehensive support of the whole process of re-structuring; methodological support, facilitation of annual gathering

Description of the Project:

Objectives: Develop and implement a new and more efficient structure of the network (to be discussed and decided at the annual gathering of members) including an improved internal and external communication to ensure a stronger financial basis for facilitating knowledge exchange and advocacy.

Activities: Guidance with regard to all structural and strategic aspects including structure, working procedures, communication tools, thematic orientation, improvement of acquisition and networking with partner organisations; preparation and implementation of annual gathering and webinar series.

Results: HPNET has developed an efficient structure for an improved support of its members and of the micro/mini hydropower sector in the countries of the region.