Supporting SME’s in the WASH sector

Since 2012, Skat collaborates with SHIPO (Southern Highlands Participatory Organization) in the development of its support services for local artisans and drillers. The holistic programme includes training of the local micro and small enterprises in technical but also in financial and marketing aspects, complemented by market facilitation (including the development and testing of financial mechanisms) and by establishing a certification procedure to assure quality of products and services provided by the trained artisans. Over time, the project evolved from a training course into a holistic programme to foster entrepreneurs, enterprises and markets, with the objective to deliver low-cost, high value products and services to people in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania.



Project Period:

since 2012- up to date

Services Provided:

Knowledge Sharing, Networking, Training &  Capacity Building

  • Financial broker and fundraising
  • technical advice, coaching and networking

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Project Manager: Matthias Saladin

Name of Client(s)

Volkart Foundation, ZH2O

Description of the Project:

Skat brings its know-how on accelerating Self-supply, technical aspects, management and networking to the project. It acts as a sounding board to SHIPO to discuss and develop new ideas on how to improve quality, efficiency and profitability of the entrepreneurs, and how to professionalize the sector of manual drilling and pump production. Skat helped SHIPO to obtain funding from third parties and is providing its holistic support services. Skat also functions as the linkage between the donor agencies and the implementer, making sure that the experiences and lessons learned are communicated. Whereas the initial phases focuses on the technical and training aspects, over time the market and financing aspects became more and more important. Recently, Skat and SHIPO focused on improving their monitoring systems in order to document the progress achieved so far.

Since 2012, Skat helped SHIPO to train more than 80 drillers, more than 80 welders (constructing pumps), benefitting more than 13’000 people.