Technical advice to Solaqua Foundation

Skat provides strategic, technical and methodological advice to Solaqua Foundation in regard to its institutional strategy and portfolio development, evaluation and monitoring of field projects, implementation methodologies, indicators, etc.



Project Period:

since 2014 – ongoing

Services Provided:

Backstopping & Technical Advice

Technical advice and coaching, capacity building and training, monitoring and evaluation, advice on developing a project portfolio and regional strategy, technical advise to the implementing partners of Solaqua Foundation.

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Project Manager: Matthias Saladin

Project Officers: Sanjay Gupta, Mingma Sherpa (Consultant)

Name of Client(s)

Solaqua Foundation, St.Gallen

Description of the Project:

Solaqua Foundation is a private foundation based in St.Gallen, focusing its work on water in the Himalaya region. Skat provides technical advice regarding the project portfolio and on communicational and strategic issues of Soalqua Foundation. It is responsible for identification of potential projects and partners, for identifying and following trends and hot issues in the sector, for maintaining a direct dialogue with key stakeholders in the water sector in Nepal. Moreover, Skat strengthens capacity at Solaqua Foundation through specific trainings and workshops, for example through methodological inputs and on-the-job trainings.

Apart from its know-how and experience in the WASH sector, Skat also provides valuable context-specific knowledge. Thanks to its rich and long-term experiences in Nepal, Skat is able to detect problems and potential threats to the operations of the clients early and efficiently. Its wide and deep network enable Skat to maintain a direct dialogue with key stakeholders in the sector, including with government entities and UN organizations.

During project implementation, Skat supports the implementing institutions on methodological and technical issues, both on-site and off-site, supervises and monitors the local implementing partners, reviews, evaluates and comments on their reports, and in turn reports to the manager and to the steering board of the foundation.