Tsunami Resettlement Dutch Bar Community in Thiraimadu

Helvetas, the Swiss Red Cross and Swiss Solidarity took the initiative to reconstruct permanent houses in Thiraimadu, Batticaloa. Skat provided professional support in its design and planning, including training and capacity building. The project comprises the construction of 100 houses including infrastructure, one pre-school and one community building. The ‘soft’ components of the project include coordination of donor activities, livelihood activities, capacity building, hygiene training and home gardening.


Sri Lanka

Project Period:

2005 – 2007

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Project Manager: Daniel Schwitter;

On-Site Project Coordinator: Sabine Rosenthaler

Services Provided:

Project Implementation

  • Town Planning of Thiraimadu, Project design and construction implementation of 100 houses on behalf of Swiss Solidarity and Helvetas

Name of Client:


Swiss Solidarity (SwS)

Description of the Project:

The project goal was to recover and improve the living conditions of Tsunami-affected people. This included not only the provision of adequate houses, the project also pursued a comprehensive approach combining technical, social and economic aspects. The project aimed at developing construction skills, diversification of livelihoods, and strengthening the community’s capacity in conflict management. Managing conflicts became increasingly important since the region had shifted from disruptions caused by the Tsunami to an ever more insecure political situation.

The project’s key components were (1) improvement of temporary shelters, (2) planning and design of a settlement plan and individual houses, (3) coordination of administration, planning, and implementation of activities, (4) project implementation and construction of houses, (5) local institutional strengthening and improving employment opportunities, (6) knowledge and capacity building, and (7) livelihood diversity and economic benefits.

Skat – on behalf of Helvets – was in charge of planning and project implementation.