Water and Environmental Sanitation (WES) Packages

Provision of professional services in support of SDC’s Water Initiatives division in the area of “Water for People”



Project Period:

2008 – 2009

Services Provided:

Knowledge Sharing, Networking, Training & Capacity Development

  • Literature review, product design and development of training materials

Name of Client(s):


Description of the Project:

Services provided by Skat: Development of a Technology Information Package (TIP) for Water and Environmental Sanitation (WES).

The TIP provides technology selection guidelines for UNICEF WASH programme officers and partners, enabling them to better help communities make informed choices about water and sanitation technology. The TIP describes in detail various technologies and indicates how a programme could utilise them. Information with respect to the characteristics, costs, benefits and risks associated with each option is presented. The TIP also indicates supervisory services required to ensure that the quality of work is satisfactory and that contractors adhere to standards and specifications.

The activities for the work comprised: a review of existing WES technology guidelines, tools and manuals; collation of information; design of a structure for the package, in paper and CD format, which is user friendly and production of the package itself.

Results: WES Technology Information Package (TIP) as a set of documents and in CD format