Support Ukraine fast and directly

We at Skat Consulting continue to be profoundly concerned about the war waged by Russia in Ukraine and the humanitarian emergency rapidly evolving both in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Our colleagues and friends are suffering from the ongoing catastrophe in Ukraine and at the same time they are doing the best to support people in the most affected areas.

Our partner “DESPRO NGO” (founded by the staff of our long-term Decentralisation project in Ukraine) is raising funds and will channel the support directly to Ukrainian municipalities, who will support individuals, families and communities affected by the devastating war in Ukraine. Our colleagues are dedicated professionals with an excellent network among municipalities and communities throughout Ukraine.

We encourage donations to the NGO, which aims to reach people in need fast and directly.

IBAN UA953005280000026001000015353
DESPRO NGO: https://lnkd.in/dBjGvjfk
More Information on our former joint project: https://skat.ch/portfolio-item/master-template-flagship-project/