Jonathan Hecke

Environmental Sanitation Specialist, Senior Project Coordinator, ApaSan Project Moldowa

Areas of expertise

  • water supply and sanitation management
  • solid waste management
  • general project planning and management in multi-disciplinary programmes

Jonathan Hecke has 20 years of professional experience as a project manager and as a consultant in the fields of solid waste management, water supply, sanitation and wastewater treatment in a variety of institutional settings in Europe and in low- and middle-income countries. His interest and practical experience is focussed in the development, design and implementation of engineering and management solutions that integrate technical, economic, institutional, socio-cultural and environmental aspects.

His expertise includes the planning, engineering design, implementation, and management of water supply systems, on-site sanitation schemes, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants and municipal, hazardous and health care waste management solutions. He also conducts environment-related assessment, monitoring, and evaluation studies, provides support to local capacity building and institutional development processes, and has been involved in the management of emergency aid and reconstruction programmes. Since 2011 he acts as Senior Project Coordinator of the Water and Sanitation Project (ApaSan) in Moldowa.

Jonathan was born and grew up in Chile, studied Civil Engineering (MSc) in Germany and worked for many years in West Africa and Latin America. He joined Skat in 2004.