Our Vision

Skat Consulting is an owner-operated leading Swiss company specialising in international cooperation. We are dedicated to making available basic services and ensuring dignified living conditions and a healthy environment for all.

Our Mission

We support governments, the private sector and civil society around the globe in improving people’s lives by facilitating lasting solutions in water, building, energy and governance.

Our Values

  • Improving people’s lives is our passion.
  • Integrity matters: we are honest, transparent and humble.
  • We are curious and open-minded pioneers.
  • We treasure our Swiss work ethics: we offer high quality and are a reliable, professional partner.
  • We know our clients well and maintain partnerships based on trust and respect.
  • We deliver pragmatic, tailor-made solution that lead to measurable results and impact.
  • We go the extra mile for our clients in being flexible and responsive.
  • We believe in sharing of knowledge.


Our Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct defines the basic ethical principles, attitude and behaviour which are binding for all employees of Skat Consulting.

Download our Code of Conduct in English or French

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