Our Story

1978: Skat was founded as “Schweizerische Kontaktstelle für Angepasste Technik (SKAT)”, meaning Swiss Centre for Appropriate Technologies. Skat was an association attached to the University of St. Gallen. Our initial purpose was to serve as a resource centre to document and make accessible the experiences of Swiss organizations involved in development cooperation. The focus was on the introduction and scaling up of appropriate technologies for water, building, energy and transportation.

1990s: Skat’s role evolved from a resource centre to offering more complex consultancies on knowledge transfer.

1997: The Skat Association was transformed into Skat Consulting Ltd., adapting to a shifting funding landscape and to become more flexible and dynamic as a private company.

2002: Skat Consulting Ltd., together with other partners, founded Skat Foundation (see box).

2000s and 2010s: Skat started implementing larger and long-term development projects and opened project offices in several countries. From 2013 onwards our annual turn-over grew to over 10 million CHF. Skat’s focus gradually expanded from its traditional focus on technical aspects towards including governance perspectives, systemic impacts and national sector reforms in its approach. Skat also developed its competences in renewable energies and climate.

2018: Skat celebrated its 40th anniversary. Watch our anniversary video and have a look at our anniversary brochure to read about 40 years of Swiss development cooperation with stories from the field.

Today, Skat Consulting Ltd, has an excellent worldwide reputation for high quality, results-oriented and cost-effective work that delivers impact for clients and improves lives and livelihoods for some of the world’s most vulnerable communities and households.

Skat Consulting Ltd. and Skat Foundation are connected through a close and successful cooperation. Founded by Skat Consulting Ltd. in 2002, Skat Foundation conducted knowledge management and network activities, such as hosting the Rural Water Supply Network. Skat Consulting Ltd. provided staff, expertise, administration and financial support to Skat Foundation. Since 2021, both organisations operate as financially and organisationally independent organisations and continue to cooperate in selected projects.